Medical Peels

  • What Is A Medical Peel?

    Medical peels are a physicians way of proclaiming out with the old and in with the new in the face of certain skin conditions. A Medical Peel is a compounded chemical solution that produces a separation and peeling of the outer layers of the skin. This in turn stimulate the production of new healthy skin cells. Combined with nutritional and/or hormonal support the effects can be dramatic and long lasting.

    Before treatment, Dr. Musto carefully evaluate each patient to decide if a Medical Peel is the best way to rejuvenate your skin, enhance your appearance and sense of well-being. Before treatment, Dr. Musto carefully evaluates each patient to decide if a Medical Peel is the best way to accomplish your personal anti-aging and/or problem solving goals.

    Dr. Musto carefully analyzes each individual’s desired results along with their skin type before compounding a chemical peel formula tailor-made for the individual patient in front of her. Dr. Musto utilizes different combinations of skin smoothing agents specific to your skin type and condition. Depending on the depth of peel needed to improve your skin appearance, Dr, Musto will personally compound the formulation to give you the most rejuvenating treatment possible, to produce an enhanced, more youthful looking appearance.

  • What Skin Conditions Do Medical Peels Improve?

    Medical grade skin peels hav been used for many years to smooth and improve the texture of damaged facial skin. Dr. Musto has performed numerous facial peels to treat fine lines resulting from smoking, frowning, smiling “Crow’s Feet” and scars. They can also remove pigmentation such as freckles or Melasma “Mask of Pregnancy”, help clear acne and other skin impurities. Medical Peels can rejuvenate skin on your face, but also on your legs, arms, chest, and neck. Even your hands!

  • ​how Long Does A Medical Peel Take?

    Treatment time depends upon the formulation and the areas needing treatment. Most peel procedures are completed in less than half an hour. Depending on your circumstances, you may need more than one chemical peel to reach optimum rejuvenation results. Dr. Mustos office is equipped to do chemical peels on an outpatient basis. You can sneak off for lunch and have a peel, and you can usually return to work or home and resume your normal daily activities, with some caveats.

  • What Happens After The Medical Peel?

    Your probably should not plan a photoshoot immediately after a peel! Your skin will feel hot for 10 minutes or so, followed by a stinging sensation, as the peel continues to work after it is removed. We have post treatment kits available should you wish to pamper yourself through the process. Your skin will be reddish in color, and then skin cells we want to eliminate will start peeling and scaling (yay!). Generally, the deeper the level of peeling required, the longer the recovery time. Typically the peeling lasts for 3-5 days, however deeper level peeling may cause swelling, even some blistering for a week or two. This is not a negative, but rather evidence that the peel is doing exactly what we want it to. Dr. Musto will carefully monitor your progress and you will work together with her until you feel and look your best.