• What Is Refirme™?

    Refirme™ is a skin-tightening anti-aging technology. Refirme™ utilizes the Elos technology, which is a combination of bipolar radio frequency and light energy. Refirme™ stimulates new collagen growth. Collagen is a protein which acts like a glue holding skin tissue together. As people age, collagen deteriorates, leading to wrinkles. Refirme™ stimulates new growth, which in turn tightens the skin.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Refirme™

    Refirme™ can rejuvenate and restore collagen on the face, neck, abdomen and upper arms. At the end of Refirme treatment, skin is noticeably tighter as the new collagen holds it together better and reduces the sagging that appeared as the time deteriorated the collagen.

  • How Many Refirme Treatments Do I Need?

    Dr. Must recommends 3-5 Refirme™ treatments for optimal results, with ‘tune-ups’ about every 4 months, or else a new series of treatments every 1.5 - 2 years. times a year. Your treatments will be 2-4 weeks apart. Each treatment takes 30 - 60 minutes and you can resume regular activities right afterwards.

  • How Do I Prepare For A Refirme™ Treatment?

    Dr. Musto recommends that you avoid tanning or anything else that might irritate the skin just before the treatment. If you are using any kind of topical agents that irritate the skin, you will be asked to discontinue those as well. Your skin should be clean when you arrive (no lotions, perfumes, powders, make-up etc.).

  • What Results Will I See?

    You will see the results of the collagen rejuvenation Refirme™ gradually, as the treatment progresses. Collagen doesn’t appear over night! As time progresses, instead of further deterioration, this time you will see renewal and rejuvenation, with a noticeable lifting of formerly sagging skin, which appears as tighter skin. Your skin will look smoother and more toned as the damage from age is reversed.