About Dr Musto


Dr. Musto knew she wanted to be a doctor from an early age. She pursued her calling with all her energy right into the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Musto was drawn to Osteopathy's "whole person" approach to medicine, where physicians treat the whole person and not just the symptoms they appear with. She enrolled in the highly regarded Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she was taught by those with deep understanding that all body systems work together and are dependent on each other for health and well being.

Dr. Musto completed her residency and internship at Suburban General Hospital in Philadelphia under the tutelage of wise and caring physicians, who continued to expand her knowledge about the human body, and became Board Certified in Family Practice in 1991.

During the 25 years Dr. Musto has treated patients, she never lost her thirst for knowledge. She has gone on to hone her knowledge in the areas of general medicine through both continuing formal education and through all she has learned from the thousands of whole people she has treated over the years. Dr. Musto has accumulated specialty education and certifications in dermatology, anti-aging medicine, addiction medicine.

Dr. Musto intends to be a life-long learner, as the human body and spirit continues to amaze and challenge her to rise to new levels of understanding. She brings that hunger to understand to her every patient encounter, as she knows the people who come to her are seeking the same thing. She seeks to work with her patients to answer the questions, “Why don’t I feel well?”, “How can I feel even better?”, or “How can I age and continue to feel well?"

Her goal is your wellness and wholeness. She doesn't just want to "alleviate symptoms", she wants to help you get your body to perform at its optimal level, so you look well, feel well, and are well.

So you can live well.